Ask children what they want and the answer’s clear: over 90% want their parents to stay together, and about 90% say that, after separation, they want to see lots or equal amounts of both of their parents. Perhaps unsurprisingly, science shows that kids know what’s best for them.
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Adversarial family separations cause harm to children, especially when family courts become involved. Don’t make a lawyer your first port of call, or be overly influenced by the bad experiences of your friends or family. There are many professionals and many websites today that can really help you and your children.

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A little knowledge is a dangerous thing. Working with children in separating families is not child’s play. It requires specialized knowledge and considerable experience – and unqualified professionals can add greatly to any harm caused by family separation.

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    International Awareness Week

    October 12-18 is Family Separation Awareness Week, drawing attention to this widespread social issue and the particularly harmful effects it has on the health and long-term welfare of children and their families – as well as its impact upon society as a whole.

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