“Let’s think differently about family separation and divorce.”

For Kids Sake

Raising Public Awareness

To raise public awareness of the need to protect children from life-threatening harm when families separate – and how best to do so – through the production and dissemination of media across all platforms – online, TV, cinema, print media etc. – and through the international promotion of the Family Separation Awareness Week.

Increasing Professional Understanding

To substantially increase professional understanding of the extreme and specific risks to children associated with family separation; to ensure greater professional training, regulation and accountability; and to encourage legal and psychological research in the interests of children’s and families’ welfare.

Helping Children & Families

To provide information and support to parents and children involved in family separation and to direct them to the best avenues that will minimize the harm of family separation.

Conducting and Sharing Research

To encourage and participate in the development of authoritative legal, psychological and social research and to create a repository of knowledge and evidence upon which sound policy can be based.

Creating a Fresh Approach to Family Breakdown

To develop evidence-based policy that will result in better protection of children and parents than current systems and processes; to identify and promote the development and use of approaches that genuinely assist families and protect children through the process of separation and beyond; to reform the existing courts and to contribute to changes in the laws that affect separating families.

Working With Politicians

To address these issues at a political level and to foster the political will to make changes necessary to protect children at a most vulnerable time in their lives.

Forging A Greater Alliance

To forge a greater alliance between organisations working nationally and internationally to protect children and families from harm and to help create the brightest possible future for them.

Encouraging Participation

To encourage the participation and engagement of many Australians in the process of reforming how our society thinks about, and deals with, family separation and divorce.