Toni Leahy-Fripp

An award-winning technical producer with a career in radio, Toni has that unique blend of ideation and the practical go-getting approach to rolling up her sleeves and bringing those ideas to life!

Toni’s quest for answers around what her son was experiencing when her contact with him was severed led her into a life coaching programme with a world leader in Family Therapy.

Toni has become a keen advocate for overhaul and change to the family law system, to bring about urgently needed changes that support a child’s right to have both parents in their lives whenever appropriate. She has a hunger for learning and sharing that knowledge with those around her. Her passion to help others was anchored in early on where she volunteered as a Counsellor with Youthline in New Zealand. The approach that came naturally to her, was not to judge, but to meet people where they were at, wherever that may be.

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